Self-management Practices in the Pharma Supply Chain: What is the Real Potential?

By Ricardo Ghersa In my view, the key developments and trends currently taking place in this field are implicitly demanding the adoption of self-management practices and a teal-related mindset in order to ensure future business success. First trend: Increasing digitization/ automation of key processes (e.g. planning)/ use of Artificial Intelligence Implication: a mindset shift is […]

The Non-Violent Communication Approach

We often get asked how it is to work and live in a radically teal-based environment. Most people tend to think of teal as chaos. Although a recent addition to the LIVEsciences team, I already appreciate the values and our system methodology used not only externally with our customers but also internally when it comes […]

Supporting Leaders in Navigating Uncertainty

By Ricardo Ghersa The ask from the client This summer we were invited to support a regional team of general managers in developing their leadership effectiveness, specifically, supporting them in adopting and embodying the principles of a leadership framework adopted by the company.  Our approach With this aim in mind, we set about drafting a […]

The Art of Decision Making

Decision-making is a crucial part of every aspect of our day-to-day life. We face the challenge to make decisions in every single role we have as partners, friends, parents, employees, leaders. In our working life, our organisation’s success highly relies on the decisions we make or we are part of; whether it is the department’s […]

Beyond Corona – why the heart now will define the direction to our future

We live in a time of profound changes. The Corona crisis brings with it many adjustments at an immensely fast pace. Although we have had to let go of beloved habits, we are also noticing that we can do without things that we considered essential before the crisis. The virus has made us more in […]

Getting into the Remote-work Mindset

And so the dream came true: working at the comfort of your home! The era of commuting to and from the office and obligatory uncomfortable dress codes is over. But yet something is bothering us…  The controversy of human nature to always ask for what we cannot have! Funny? Not so much in this case! […]

Growth Mindset – how to unleash the superpower within you!

The topic of growth mindset gained such a huge amount of attention over the last few months, that it became one of those buzzwords you hear and read about everywhere. But what does “growth mindset” actually mean? What is it about, and why should we all develop a hands-on approach when exercising our minds to […]

Putting Perspective In Purpose

By Rhea Joy Ong Yiu In October last year, I decided to join LIVEsciences for the very reason that it aligned with my own values and personal calling. One thing was clear to me at that time: the decision to join was based on a gut feeling, a sense of expectation and anticipation for a […]

Value Catalysis – Make Output To Outcome

With our Value Catalysis workshops, we invite our customers to step out of their daily routine. As preparation, information about Output and Outcome of a specified organizational unit is gathered: Output: what are the main tasks you perform, what are the key deliverables Outcome: what would your stakeholders miss, if your unit stopped to exist […]