Value Catalysis – Make Output To Outcome

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With our Value Catalysis workshops, we invite our customers to step out of their daily routine. As preparation, information about Output and Outcome of a specified organizational unit is gathered:

  • Output: what are the main tasks you perform, what are the key deliverables
  • Outcome: what would your stakeholders miss, if your unit stopped to exist

Basically, the Outcome is assigned to turnover, profit and compliance. Optional categories like sustainability, culture and company purpose might be added.

During the workshop itself the cause & effects from Output to Outcome will be recorded visually. For the complete process, we currently use a tool named FlyingLogic™. First results and customer feedback demonstrates that the visual simplification is a powerful way to reveal gaps and the focus area within the value chain. A welcomed side-effect is that by developing a shared understanding of the cause & effects individuals become more conscious about the meaning of their job and it makes their job tangibly more meaningful. We estimate that this kind of engagement pushes the team-performance in the mid-term perspective.

To get familiar with Value Catalysis, we recommend to start straightforward with 4-5 employees attending a max. 2h lasting workshop. While Value Catalysis can be applied universally, the individual follow-ups could look very diverse.

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