Supporting Leaders in Navigating Uncertainty

The ask from the client This summer we were invited to support a regional team of general managers in developing their leadership effectiveness, specifically, supporting them in adopting and embodying the principles of a leadership framework adopted by the company.  Our approach With this aim in mind, we set about...

Semco Style Institute DACH

Shaping the Future of work

Join us and release your innate capacity to adapt, perform better and be entrepreneurial in your approach to work.

Atom Chain
Live Sciences

Stay Real. Go Teal.

LIVEforward Institute is a new adventure of LIVEsciences. As a TEAL organisation, we are shaping the future of work by catalysing the success of our customers.

Do you want to learn more about TEAL? Are you a decision-maker struggling to navigate the VUCA world? Are you a team member seeking to bring more humanity back into your work situation?


Conversations fuel ideas, giving them a new dimension and fully coming alive from a place of resonance and connection. We have seen the catalytic power of conversations in the work that we do, as well as the impact that it brings to the world. As our way of launching ourselves into this virtual space, we open our Living Room to the people who have inspired us and who continue to explore, shape and move the needle for a better future of work (and society as a whole).

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