Are you ready for an adventure?

Teal Safari

Meet agility in action in a full day workshop.
Hear first hand experience from Agile pioneers in an immersive and co-creative learning space and exchange.

You have probably heard much about

Agility, Holocracy, Sociocracy, Scrum, Teal Organizations....

but what do they really mean?

An invitation for reflection

  • Can one, some or all of these models support your evolutionary journey to new ways of working, behaving, thinking, rewarding and re-organizing?

  • Do they cultivate world-class talent with capabilities for the future?

  • Are they simply vital in our world today?

The answer is YES!


Our approach is simple and interactive. We will help you navigate the jungle of new working models. We believe in bringing together the right energy to ignite an immersive learning exchange and foster a sense of belonging that goes beyond the safari experience.


This event is designed to be fun! Break out of traditional, stiff and rigid workshops. Our team and agile pioneers will inspire you with insights on new ways of working, thinking and doing.


We think big and act small! We help you break your ideas into tangible next steps. We will discuss how the real-life examples can be adapted to curate bespoke solutions that could work for your own transformation.


You will have the unique interactive opportunity to engage directly with our handpicked pioneers, gain firsthand from their experience and benefit from their precious insights, wisdom, and advice.


Our rangers will enable you to navigate challenges through building blocks that enable you to take a forward step in your transformation – processes, governance structures, tools, mindsets and behaviours.

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