The Non-Violent Communication Approach

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We often get asked how it is to work and live in a radically teal-based environment. Most people tend to think of teal as chaos. Although a recent addition to the LIVEsciences team, I already appreciate the values and our system methodology used not only externally with our customers but also internally when it comes to our team; how we collaborate, we raise questions and resolve tensions. 

As a biologist I like to think of our team as a living organism where the different systems and their components need to communicate and coordinate in order for the organism to stay alive and evolve. We share roles – in this case the systems – and we are the components of the different systems. We are involved in different processes within a role/system just like proteins being part of several biological pathways.

Naturally, we often come across personal or systemic conflicts due to our different roles, in our struggle to prioritize in the best way so that this living entity can grow healthily. What I appreciate the most and I really embrace is our communication principles; we rely on the foundation and we use the approach of nonviolent communication (NVC). 

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