Putting Perspective In Purpose

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By Rhea Joy Ong Yiu

In October last year, I decided to join LIVEsciences for the very reason that it aligned with my own values and personal calling. One thing was clear to me at that time: the decision to join was based on a gut feeling, a sense of expectation and anticipation for a chance to live out a life that is truly fueled by my direct contribution to the world, which goes without saying, an opportunity to make a dream come to life – one that is all about creating a shift in the marketplace, human potential is unleashed into real value towards our society as a whole. 

I wrote my 100-day narrative here and gave you a glimpse of how life felt like under the lens of a newcomer. I have now crossed the 8-month mark, no longer a rookie, and already well over halfway being part of dreaming, scheming and pathfinding with the crew at LIVEsciences. The big question I ask myself at this point – am I still here for the same reasons? Am I seeing my personal purpose coming to life? How am I dancing and with the company’s purpose and growth?

My answer is a resounding Yes. Let me count the ways.

Healthy things grow

I’m a believer that when seeds are rooted and planted in good soil, it grows. I’m fortunate to have seen some of the seeds we’ve sown with pure purposeful intention at Teal Around the World, has resulted in a resonance that is felt globally, and a tipping point towards tackling the important conversations that activate the shift into fairer, more empowering work places. 

A choice to be generous

Growth mindset teaches us to see things with new lenses, from a mindset of scarcity to abundance. While not a new concept for me, being part of an ecosystem that thrives in these values and seeing that come alive in our many conversations as a team, in decisions we take individually and collectively, and in the many areas we play a part in, is such an enriching experience that resonates with the deepest parts of my value system.

A catalyst for change

To truly activate change, one must connect to the depth of purpose that we wish to see in the world. Stewarding a truly profound and aspirational mission to catalyze the movements of life, I find myself intentionally envisioning and driving new ways of being: often consciously and sometimes, habitually. At LIVEsciences, I learned to spread my wings without compromising our credo to walk the talk, to take self-leadership and my role as a source seriously, and to create a playground for learning through LIVEforward Institute, storytelling at Teal Around the World, and conversations in our Living Room Conversations. With our clients, we get the opportunity to bring the full breadth of our experience, as coaches, as mentors to future internal coaches, and as a trusted advisor ready to bring perspective and relevant examples and best practices to enrich our client’s ecosystem. 

A habitant for impact

The Purpose Pot initiative, a deliberate decision to allocate 25% of our hard-earned annual profit to things that we believe in and those that truly inspire us, is one of the most compelling arguments why I continue to say yes to my role in the company everyday. Having this ecosystem enables me to directly contribute my energy to things that have both short and long term impact – in shifting the narrative for people’s lives, in activating community resonance about pressing societal and existential issues and in financially contributing to bridge an equity gap in our world today. And doing this without the feeling of juggling two identities, but beautifully weaving the wholeness of who I am into this story with ease and wonder.

As a stubborn optimist, I am brimming with a lot of energy and excitement for what the future holds, knowing that I get to choose this path everyday. I hope that my little journey and reflection on my perspective on purpose, transcends beyond words and inspires you to frame a purpose path for you and your company as well. Everyone, every company has a different definition of purpose. My wish is for you to find that sweet spot of what it could look like, through openness and self-reflection.

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