Beyond Corona – why the heart now will define the direction to our future

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We live in a time of profound changes. The Corona crisis brings with it many adjustments at an immensely fast pace. Although we have had to let go of beloved habits, we are also noticing that we can do without things that we considered essential before the crisis. The virus has made us more in tune for what is considered essential. Many are caring for those who need help. It shows that we have a choice: either acting from our ego or from the consciousness of the ecosystem. We have this dilemma not only during COVID-19, but every day, hour and moment. However right now, when the world seems to be sometimes sinking into chaos and despair, our personal responsibility and compassion are more important than ever. Physical distancing is a good example; by behaving carefully, we protect the vulnerable and reduce the number of infections. What could our world look like if we practice this mindfulness in other matters? Wouldn’t the world be a nicer place for all of us?

Visionary entrepreneurs ask themselves that too. Because what works in a private context, should be transferable to the world of work. In fact, we have long known that a comprehensive view, new ways of working, organisational forms and technologies can evolve and lead to growth on all levels. For many people, agility, teal and new ways of working are no longer unfamiliar concepts, but plain common sense. However, humans are creatures of habit, and so we often stick to well-known models and processes of the industries. It is not surprising that COVID-19 caught many companies out cold, even overwhelmed them. We can observe different reactions; A digital jump-start went through some companies and the focus became enabling and managing home offices. Others repeat the recommendations of the Federal Council like a mantra with the need to protect themselves from illnesses. It’s the companies that understand how to deal with this crisis with foresight and confidence that are particularly interesting to me. Companies that don’t freeze with fear and get caught up in self-focused implementation and definition of new rules. They are employers who think outside the box of their company’s ego system. In such organisations the question is how to deal with this situation with humanity. Those who listen to their workforce and implement measures that enable solidarity and mutual support are well advised. New partnerships are established, and the environment is viewed holistically. Now the enormous potential for positive changes is showing. If not now, when is the time to sow, cultivate and grow new ways of working and organisational structure?

In these challenging days, our roles are evolving more and more. We are not “just” a workhorse, but people with feelings and needs. Even if we are isolated, we can develop away from the ego-system to the eco-system. Each of us is part of the ecosystem, part of the whole. This insight could be essential to overcome many challenges in the coming years. Hence, let’s not freeze in the face of the challenges, but tackle them head on. Together, for each other and with each other, looking at the big picture and, above all, with our hearts in the right place.

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