Danfoss with Vivek Menon

Currently Senior Director at Danfoss, Vivek loves to build new businesses with great products and customer experience. He has been with Danfoss for more than 14 years in various leadership roles in product management, innovation, and marketing. These roles have been diverse across business segments, multiple M&As and different regions of the world. He considers himself […]

Less is More; The Story of Viisi

For Season 2, this will be our 17th episode, with host Rhea Ong-Yiu and special guest Tom Van Der Lubbe. Titled “Less is More; The Story of Viisi”, Tom will discuss how he co-founded Viisi NV, the finance company that offers customized mortgage solutions for highly educated customers. Prior to Viisi, Tom worked for MLP, where he […]

Bringing Entrepreneurship into the Organizational Culture

Our guest, Emanuele Quintarelli, has led global teams across sectors, cultures, and continents at the intersection of strategy, change, and technology, to help large complex organizations become not just more efficient but especially more humane. He believes in letting the full potential of humanity blossom through purposeful, adaptive and ecoistic organizations. Living Room Conversations: Bringing […]

Lead Together

At The Scale Coach for Founder CEOs, Brent works with entrepreneurs and leaders who are growing the size and impact of their businesses to tackle local and global challenges. Many of his clients are motivated by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and a desire to lead in ways that feel authentic, inspiring, and personally fulfilling. […]


On this 14th episode of LIVING ROOM CONVERSATIONS, we invite Sebastien Dupuis, the founder and Co-CEO of Tirezio, a Geneva-based company that specializes in listening and emotional intelligence in the workplace. Tirezio designs workshops and training programs that help leaders and teams develop their emotional skills and create more fulfilling human relationships through the power of […]

Source and Money

Peter is not only an expert on money, he coaches you to align your personal cash flow with your life and work direction, which changes the way you look at money. He is the founder and creator of peterkoenigsystem®, a body of work described as “money work” and “sourcework”, a system for accelerating the realization of […]


Beeyond.pro gathers all the information you need to realize your vision in one place. Like a digital nervous system. They believe that transparency is key. The collective knowledge about what, why, by whom, when, and how implementation becomes successful creates space for mutual understanding and new ideas. Alignment combines all forces. Linking your strategy with our […]

Journey to Teal

Xavier has degrees in Mathematics and Finance, and after more than 20 years of change management practices within various financial institutions and professional coaching certification, he decided to create his own company to support change and transformation in a different manner leveraging the idea that people are the subjects and technology is the object. Influenced […]

House of Switzerland (rebroadcast)

Timm Urschinger, CEO of LIVEsciences AG, talks with his two guests, agile transformation expert Gebhard Borck and corporate performance management coach Franz Wirnsperger, about how meaningful and motivating work can be designed with appropriate compensation in modern organizations. In their Living Room, LIVEsciences AG employees will share their thoughts and insights with their guests in […]

Self-Organization Reimagining the Way We Work Together

Our Living Room is a space for us to connect, to explore thoughts and learnings, in a relaxed and very human way. Through this channel, we look forward to an engaging dialogue and resonance with our guests, and bring a breath of fresh air to the space we occupy in this virtual world.On this episode, […]