Semco Style Insights from around the globe

Ricardo Semler and his company Semco gained international recognition for the groundbreaking alternative approach to management and organization they embodied. Today SSI is active in 22 countries. Their mission is to help organizations achieve more impact and better performance, with employers who are happier and more engaged. We are thrilled to bring an SSI powerhouse […]


organizations become more adaptable, innovative and engaging places to work. Drawing on more than a decade of research and packed with practical examples, Humanocracy lays out a detailed blueprint for creating organizations that are as inspired and ingenious as the human beings inside them.

Inner Architecture

We have seen the catalytic power of conversations in the work that we do, as well as the impact that it brings to our world. In this conversation, we are joined by Rebecca Roberts as we discuss on exploring the limiting beliefs and inner narratives that shape our behaviour, wellbeing and performance. Transcript Living Room […]

Human Centered Leadership

On this conversation we welcome Sesil Pir the author of the book Human-Centered Leadership. The author serves as Head of Employee Experience at Takeda Pharmaceuticals and CEO of SESIL PIR Consulting GmbH, a boutique management consultancy, focusing on changing the status quo of work. Mrs. Pir is an active contributor of Forbes, has been published in the Harvard Business Review, HR Zone and UK’s HR Magazine. She has contributed to many management books over the years.

Microhabits to become an Agile Leader

LRC - Christian Bernhardt

In this conversation, we invite Christian Bernhardt to our Living Room as we discuss micro-habit and how they can help you to become an agile leader. Christian coaches, trains, speaks and consults to help people and companies improve their communication so we are excited to hear his inputs about our topic.

Tackling the Elephant of Performance Management

LRC - Antoinette Weibeljpg

Conversations fuel ideas, giving them a new dimension and fully coming alive from a place of resonance and connection. In this episode of our Living Room conversation, we are joined by Antoinette Weibel as we talk about the big elephant in the room of organizational transformation: Performance Management.

Designing Experiences in the Virtual and Hybrid Space

LRC - Designing Experiences

We believe in the power of connecting. Concepts are born, creativity is articulated and opinions are either challenged or validated. This week, our Living Room plays host to what will definitely be an interesting conversation, to say the least, as we sit down with Laila Von Alvensleben. We‘ll be tackling the rapidly evolving world of “Hybrid and Virtual Spaces” and how we can create amazing experiences out of it!

Teal Dots in an Orange Life Sciences World

LRC - Teal Dots

For our first episode, we launch into a conversation with Erik Korsvik Østergaard and Timm Urschinger in a topic that is very close to our day-to-day transformation work. Erik is a bestselling author of “Teal Dots in an Orange World”, where he brings a very practical and pragmatic view of Teal coming from an orange perspective. Join us as we explore together with Timm and Erik what available thinking models and ideas are out there to adapt to a fast-changing world.