The Power of Source with Tom Nixon and Fanny Norlin

June 30, 2023


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Tom Nixon, 20 years experience of the rollercoaster ride of being a founder. He has been involved in start-ups, growth, pivoting, turnarounds and even closing. He is now focus on research and support for other founders as well as my his start-up, Maptio. His approach is a mix of coaching, personal transformation, and practical support. His book – Work with Source: Realise big ideas, organise for emergence and work artfully with money was published in March 2021: His startup, Maptio is an online software product for organisations operating without traditional management structures. Maptio helps you track and visualise who’s responsible for what and how the big vision breaks down into the smaller ideas that support it. Fanny Norlin, is passionate about making the world become more alive. The past ten years she have lived and breathed decentralized initiatives, networks and communities. Her professional experiences range from founding two NGO’s, consulting within agile strategy and governance, facilitating leadership trainings, organising several large participatory events, building Sweden’s feminine leadership movement and leading the marketing and tech team at Footway. Some years ago she was introduced to the work of Lovisa Alsen and had a deep awakening into my body and the feminine. Her experience of the potential that lies within fully unleashing the feminine and masculine in a creative dance underlies my approach to business and leadership. She coaches and consults leaders within masculine and feminine leadership, agile organizing and how to attract people and resources in the attention economy of the network age . Her specialties include: Feminine leadership, strategy, grasping complexity, scaling ideas and systems thinking, Peer-2-Peer marketing, online communication, navigating the attention economy, transformational events, self-organization, agile leadership, crowdsourcing, emotional intelligence, project management and creating trust in teams.