Be More Pirate with Alex Barker

Our guest, Alex Barker, runs Be More Pirate: a global social movement and consultancy. She is a freelance writer, speaker facilitator, community builder and advocate of professional rule breaking. She is co-author of How to Be More Pirate and works across the public and private sector on strategy, culture change and challenging the status quo. […]

Organizational Behaviors with Evan Leybourn

Our guest, Evan Leybourn, ss the Founder and CEO of the Business Agility Institute; an international membership body to both champion and support the next-generation of organisations. Companies that are agile, innovative and dynamic – perfectly designed to thrive in today’s unpredictable markets. Living Room Conversations: Organizational Behaviors with Evan Leybourn ELENI = Eleni Tavridou […]

Enara Expedition with Kevin Pojasek

Our guest, Kevin Pojasek, is a passionate, people-focused biotech executive who has built and led companies in both the US and UK. Kevin is currently the President and CEO of Enara Bio where he brings 18 years of leadership and strategic investment experience in the biopharma industry. He is also a Venture Partner at SV […]

Teal in the Banking Industry

Our guest: “I am an internal Senior Organizational Development Consultant and Leadership Coach at Navy Federal Credit Union. I use transformative paradigms, mindsets, and practices, such as vertical development, Open Space Technology, Clean Coaching, and Sociocracy. In 2019 I co-founded the Harmony organization, a purpose-driven, self-organizing team of Navy Federal volunteers, who provide mindfulness services […]

Emotional Intelligence

Our guest: Tine Bieber The past five years Tine has experimented with the concept of TEAL, in particular with evolutionary purpose in the context of an organization in the Oil & Gas industry. The organization implemented a radical purpose approach that made purpose the only boss. Tine works with the complexity of human emotions, which […]

Exploring Teal in Brazil

Our guest is the founder of the Teal Brasil movement and one of the main agents in promoting the Teal agenda in his country. For the past 8 years, he has been developing and connecting an entire national ecosystem for new ways of working. A speaker, consultant and mentor helping leaders and organizations to innovate […]

Teal in Construction Industry

Our guest Topi Jokinen, is a co-founder and CEO of Vertia, a self-organizing company with a mission to help people live in better homes by improving the quality of construction. Vertia was listed in 2021 Financial Times 1000 Fastest growing companies in Europe while, as reported by a study by Tampere University, wellbeing in the […]

The Journey to Black Tech Street

Our guest, Tyrance Billingsley is a born and raised Tulsan entrepreneur, ecosystem builder and community leader. He is the founder of Black Tech Street, an initiative to rebirth Black Wall Street as a Black tech capital and catalyze a global movement that sees Black people embrace technology as a means to build wealth and impact […]

Living out Teal in the Education System

The discussion will be about Therese and Pasteur’s work at Davis College, a higher learning institute in Rwanda, near the middle of Africa. Therese is the College’s Transformation Lead and is currently leading Davis in its transition from Orange to Teal. She designs workshops, facilitates training, and supports those around her in navigating change. She is deeply […]