Sociocracy and Effective Collaboration with James Priest

Our guest, James Priest, is the co-founder and learning facilitator at Sociocracy 3.0 Academy. He currently spends most of his time helping people to get the best out of S3. Besides development and delivery of courses and learning journeys, he works directly with people in organizations across many sectors to help them improve productivity and […]

Inclusive Leadership with Patrycja Riera

Our guest, Patrycja Riera, is a doctoral candidate at the IE Business School in Madrid, and hold a Master degree in Research & a Master degree in Economics and Business Administration. Her research work focuses on inclusive leadership and how leaders navigate the sense of inclusion while maintaining their core beliefs, values and norms. She […]

Climate Change, Sustainability and a Case for Teal Leadership in the Food Ecosystem with Erin Schrode

Our guest, Erin Schrode is an activist and social entrepreneur. This leading voice on sustainability, social justice and millennials recently ran an unprecedented campaign for US Congress in California. Since co-founding Turning Green in 2005, she’s developed eco-education and action platforms for millions of students and beyond. Erin speaks and consults internationally, contributes to ABC, […]

Redefining Work: Lessons From Semco Style Management with Christian Wandeler, PhD

Our guest, is a people and organizational transformation expert. He is also the US partner of Ricardo Semler for Semco Style Institute USA. On top of that, he is also an Associate Professor at the California State University in Fresno. His mission is to help organizations develop human-centered workplace environments, leading to world-class performance, deeply […]

The Power of Source with Tom Nixon and Fanny Norlin

Tom Nixon, 20 years experience of the rollercoaster ride of being a founder. He has been involved in start-ups, growth, pivoting, turnarounds and even closing. He is now focus on research and support for other founders as well as my his start-up, Maptio. His approach is a mix of coaching, personal transformation, and practical support. […]

Jammin’ with Appfire with Chris Brogan

Our guest is the Chief of Staff at Appfire and an executive-level strategist and CEO advisor, working with companies at the 100M+ revenue range. He is a sought-after keynote speaker and showrunner of The Backpack Show. He is the New York Times bestselling author of ten books and counting. He’s currently working on his eleventh. […]

A Deep Dive on Resilience with Taryn Marie Stejskal

Our guest, Dr. Taryn Marie Steiskal (pronounced Stay-skull) is the #1 international expert on resilience, mental health, and well-being in both leadership and life, whose mission is to positively impact the lives of 1 billion people, by enhancing hope, healing, and health through the concepts of resilience.She is recognized as a leading global authority on […]

Brave Leadership – The State of Self-Management with Doug Kirkpatrick

Our guest, Doug Kirkpatrick is an organizational change consultant, TED speaker, executive coach, author, and educator. He recently released his third book, The No-Limits Enterprise: Organizational Self-Management in the New World of Work, an Amazon bestseller with Forbes Books, and is Founder and CEO of D’Artagnan Advisors, helping companies embrace the future of work. Living […]

Unlocking the Power of Collaboration Across Borders and Boundaries with Hemerson Paes

Our guest, Hemerson Paes, is the Senior Global Network Catalyst at Roche. He is passionate about transforming organizations. Throughout his career, he helped organizations design their Strategy and Supply Chain and change their working practices to a more human way of working. His current mission is to help individuals and organizations to flourish by reconnecting […]