The Art of Decision Making

Decision-making is a crucial part of every aspect of our day-to-day life. We face the challenge to make decisions in every single role we have as partners, friends, parents, employees, leaders. In our working life, our organisation’s success highly relies on the decisions we make or we are part of; whether it is the department’s […]

Purpose Should Never Take A Back Seat

We are living in uncertain times. Now, more than ever, companies are hyper-focused on catalyzing and sustaining growth. Growth that is usually translated ultimately in numbers hit, and triggered by the strategic plans strenuously put into place. But this may well be a time wherein “purpose” may prove to be just as essential. Why? It […]

Having Both Purpose And Profit

Companies have long been obsessed with chasing profit – but that’s changing very fast nowadays.  Many organizations have begun looking at how they can have a good impact on the world, finding the need for purpose along with profit as a common theme in the industry these days. In most of my conversations with leaders […]

How To Empower Employees Without Overwhelming Them

These days, when talking about Agility, Self-Organisation or Teal, empowerment seems to be at the core of many of the concepts being used in companies – and yet many still seem to struggle with “true empowerment”. Looking at the Oxford definition it should be fairly simple: people take control of what they are working on, […]

Putting Perspective In Purpose

By Rhea Joy Ong Yiu In October last year, I decided to join LIVEsciences for the very reason that it aligned with my own values and personal calling. One thing was clear to me at that time: the decision to join was based on a gut feeling, a sense of expectation and anticipation for a […]

Value Catalysis – Make Output To Outcome

With our Value Catalysis workshops, we invite our customers to step out of their daily routine. As preparation, information about Output and Outcome of a specified organizational unit is gathered: Output: what are the main tasks you perform, what are the key deliverables Outcome: what would your stakeholders miss, if your unit stopped to exist […]

5 Steps And 15 Work Practices To Enhance Psychological Safety

Semco Style practically equips leaders with a framework to lead, manage and inspire distributed teams and create an employee friendly culture characterized by psychological safety.   In our recent article Psychological Safety: Leading remote teams in a distributed world we outlined the history and importance of Psychological Safety as a primary focus for leaders of remote and distributed teams. It highlighted three concepts that […]

Psychological Safety: Leading Remote Teams In A Distributed World

The notion of distributed teams and its related challenges has long been part of the multi-site and multi-national corporate organization. It is however with the world-wide outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, that many traditional hierarchical organizations and other small to medium enterprises have realized the true impact of working in a distributed world – nowadays […]

How Do You Organize Your Organization?​

Irrespective of the long-term vision organizations have on working from home, we all have to face challenges, in the short-term, working as well as possible without physical contact. One thing, however, is for sure: Management now requires trust more than ever before. As a manager, you don’t know what time your employees begin working; how […]