Self-management Practices in the Pharma Supply Chain: What is the Real Potential?

By Ricardo Ghersa In my view, the key developments and trends currently taking place in this field are implicitly demanding the adoption of self-management practices and a teal-related mindset in order to ensure future business success. First trend: Increasing digitization/ automation of key processes (e.g. planning)/ use of Artificial Intelligence Implication: a mindset shift is […]

The Non-Violent Communication Approach

We often get asked how it is to work and live in a radically teal-based environment. Most people tend to think of teal as chaos. Although a recent addition to the LIVEsciences team, I already appreciate the values and our system methodology used not only externally with our customers but also internally when it comes […]

Supporting Leaders in Navigating Uncertainty

By Ricardo Ghersa The ask from the client This summer we were invited to support a regional team of general managers in developing their leadership effectiveness, specifically, supporting them in adopting and embodying the principles of a leadership framework adopted by the company.  Our approach With this aim in mind, we set about drafting a […]