Meet the team behind Teal Around The World 2023

February 9, 2023


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For the very first episode of LIVING ROOM CONVERSATIONS for 2023, host Rhea OngYiu and LIVEsciences CEO Timm Urschinger invited a large part of the Teal Around the World 2023 team to chat about what goes on behind the scenes of the biggest teal conference in the world. Titled “Meet the team behind Teal Around the World 2023”, it was all about the people working to make the March 2-3 event spectacular!

The group was made up of the creatives and tech people that create the Conference experience for the attendees, and make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible before, during, and after the 24-hour event. One of the best characteristics of this team is that they’re also teal professionals and enthusiasts who make the effort to bring their whole selves to everything they do. They face a lot of challenges just like you do, that’s why they’re excited to explore, learn and connect in #TATW2023!

Our guests were:
• Lena Ski (Magdalena Zukowski)
• Saskia Stengele
• Ashish Arora
• Ken Go
• Julia Pine
• Ashish Arora
• Anna Unson-Price
• Bianca Yin

Aside from all the fun stories about how everyone became involved in TATW, we had a very special guest, Sam McNeill, General Manager of SongDivision, whose tagline is “Creating strong bonds between people and teams through the science of music.”

And that’s just what Sam did for the Teal Around the World team with the wonderful impromptu composition he created for us, just based on a few chords and keywords he asked the team to contribute.

Watch the replay or listen to the podcasts to hear our amazing new song and meet the team!

“It’s time for TEAL Around the world
It’s going to be great, haven’t you heard?
For beginners and pioneers alike
You won’t want to miss this one all right

With sessions full of diversity
Something different for you and me
We’ll learn from each other and the best
It’s going to be a real community Fest

Exchanging knowledge and innovation
Explore real workplace transformation
Dive into the TEAL Philosophy
Let’s follow our Curiosity

Unique ideas and Inspiration
About Reinventing Organisations
Plenty of time for networking and fun
Because the Teal Network is Number One

So you know the WHY let us show you how
So come on book your tickets now
Join us on March 2 and 3
We’re gonna TEAL The World, just wait and see” 💖