Purpose Should Never Take A Back Seat

We are living in uncertain times. Now, more than ever, companies are hyper-focused on catalyzing and sustaining growth. Growth that is usually translated ultimately in numbers hit, and triggered by the strategic plans strenuously put into place. But this may well be a time wherein “purpose” may prove to be just as essential. Why? It […]

Having Both Purpose And Profit

Companies have long been obsessed with chasing profit – but that’s changing very fast nowadays.  Many organizations have begun looking at how they can have a good impact on the world, finding the need for purpose along with profit as a common theme in the industry these days. In most of my conversations with leaders […]

How To Empower Employees Without Overwhelming Them

These days, when talking about Agility, Self-Organisation or Teal, empowerment seems to be at the core of many of the concepts being used in companies – and yet many still seem to struggle with “true empowerment”. Looking at the Oxford definition it should be fairly simple: people take control of what they are working on, […]