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Our Semco Style Trainings are either open enrollment virtual classrooms or can be adapted to your team’s needs. Either way, our style is highly engaging. We are continuously developing further trainings for the DACH market, so stay tuned or directly reach out to us with your suggestions.

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Event ACE Culture Essentials

Agile Culture Essentials

January 27, 2022

Agile is not only about implementing a new project management tool – it begins with teaching the Agile philosophy and starting to transform the work culture. Our program combines proven Semco Style practices & Agile practices to build a culture rooted in trust and autonomy.
Event Semco Post Covid

Post-Covid Accelerating after the crisis

March 31, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic brought lots of challenges that companies had to face or are still struggling with. Besides the pandemic, sooner or later, some form of crisis will hit all businesses. Some will deal with it successfully and others will fail. Why?


Built upon the Semco Style Principles, our programs help create high-performing, autonomous teams and happier employees. Everything we offer can be adapted to your needs and adjusted to address struggles that you’re currently experiencing. Contact us for more info on our in-company training programs

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