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Insight Into Self-Organization

Semco Style Team Selfie

The selfie is a powerful tool for team and organizational development, giving employees a shared language and the necessary understanding of the current environment to kickstart sustainable change.


How Semco Style is your organization?

  • Complete the Team Selfie and find out! ​
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How Does The Selfie Work?

  • The Professional Team Selfie is a statistically validated tool that enables teams to shape their development process independently. It consists of 45 multiple choice questions that are based on the Semco Style framework of 5 Principles and 15 Pillars. ​
  • Each participant receives a unique invitation to complete the Team Selfie within a designated time frame.​
  • A work session is then organized with a Semco Style Expert to discuss the results, reports and to plan the next steps with teams.​
    • All participants receive an Individual Report of their personal view of the team and practical tips on where they can improve. ​
    • The Team Report summarises the individual views and triggers discussions for team improvement. ​
    • The Organizational Report pulls all results together to compare and track progress between teams over a period of time.​

How Does The Selfie Work?

Do you want to investigate more into how the Team Selfie can help your company become more self-organized, or to better perform with remote teams? Get in touch with us.