Performance Management​

September 23, 2021

If you are looking for an inspirational micro-vacation from your day-to-day life, then join us on our Teal Safari – Series: Several companies have already taken measures to challenge the current status quo and move their businesses and people to the next level. They are not only changing the rules of the game and became more agile, but they are also doing business in a whole new way. Side effects of their new ways of working include faster and better decision making, less bureaucracy, more meaningful work, less time to respond to external changes, and higher satisfaction and performance. Business is evolving!

At our Teal Safari in SEPTEMBER, we will introduce you to game changers in one half-day session dedicated to PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT.
• Is performance management still relevant, in a context in which old methods seem to be falling short of the current company’s challenges?
• What are the latest practices in the field?
• What could a shift from individual to team commitments look like?

Our three inspirational speakers from Roche and Baloise will share their transformation journey and you will have the opportunity to exchange with them, get first-hand insights and thus learn more about their businesses, experiences and challenges on their way through the jungle.

Manja Bartlog and Swantje Blanck have been working with much passion on an evolution of traditional Performance Management. The result is a successful pilot called “Collaboration” where the focus is on collaboration and feedback within the team. In their talk, “From Performance Management to Collaboration – Our Experimental Journey on New Performance Practices”, they will discuss learnings and challenges on their teal journey.


Tobias Gemperle started at Baloise in 2016 and today is Head of Group HR Operations. In support of Baloise’s ongoing transformation, he shaped their performance management and remuneration systems with a people positive mindset. In his talk, “Continuous Performance Development – our Dialogue Engine” he will speak about how his journey is not over yet.

Your Safari Rangers are looking forward to guiding you through the Safari, save your spot!

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