Living Room Conversations: Vertical Growth with Itziar Canamasas

February 16, 2022

Our Living Room is a space for us to connect, to explore thoughts and learnings, in a relaxed and very human way. Through this channel, we look forward to an engaging dialogue and resonance with our guests, and bring a breath of fresh air to the space we occupy in this virtual world.

To our listeners and followers, we hope to create an opportunity to candidly eavesdrop and chime in to one of the many interesting conversations around the space of teal, agile and the future of work.

Our guest, Itziar is passionate to help people and organizations grow in order to achieve breakthroughs that will impact people’s lives and the world.
She is an inspirational leader with impact. An idea generator and an enabler of environments that will unleash growth, value and spark.

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