Living Room Conversations: Tine Bieber and Elaine Favero

June 15, 2022

Tine Bieber

The past five years Tine has experimented with the concept of TEAL, in particular with evolutionary purpose in the context of an organization in the Oil & Gas industry. The organization implemented a radical purpose approach that made purpose the only boss. Tine works with the complexity of human emotions, which has been a returning theme in all contexts and
countries, not only in the traditional business world but also in the New Work
world. Tine is a German native, based in Amsterdam and feeling at home in Brazil and Istanbul. When she is not out there in the world, she travels the roads of Europe with her longtime boyfriend in their DIY renovated camper van.

Elaine Favero

After being a tax lawyer for 9 years, Elaine transitioned her career in order to bring more happiness and lightness to organizations. She has been a consultant and mentor for 5 years, working directly or indirectly to improve the quality of life in companies such as: Votorantim Cimentos, Roche, Hydro, Menos 1 Lixo, Public Leadership Center, Pacto (Lemann Foundation). In her studies and work, she realized that the cause of all misunderstandings, distrust and difficulty in working in collaboration have a common root: emotions. From this perception UNI was born: taking care of emotions is the fundamental first step for any project or transformation that an organization desires.

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