Living Room Conversations: Leading Consciously with Lara Bezerra

October 12, 2022

Our guest, Lara Bezerra, founder of Workcoherence, Mentor, Board Member, fostering a world for conscious leadership and a purposeful life. Her international career in the pharmaceutical industry spans 27 years, three continents, seven countries, in several positions, being in senior leadership positions of multinationals since 2003. She has been successful as a female executive, having some pioneer positions as the 1st Female leader appointed as Executive President of the Bayer group in Latin America (Venezuela). She is Brazilian and has worked in American, German, and Swiss multinational Pharmaceutical companies. She has driven organizations and teams to success, financially, professionally, and personally. Lara believes results come through people, and she has aimed to build leaders in each of the members of her team. After leaving the corporate world in December 2019, Lara started a new journey to consult, coach and mentor organizations to change their mindsets to work consciously, impacting society positively and building more leaders in their organization who want to lead consciously, bringing Purpose to their companies and their people. She has been guest speaker in different MBA courses in Switzerland, India, France and has given speeches to several organizations on the topic of Purposeful transformations and conscious leadership. She has a degree in Business Administration from the Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV) University, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and several other courses in leadership, general management and public policy taken during her international career.

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