5 Steps And 15 Work Practices To Enhance Psychological Safety

Semco Style practically equips leaders with a framework to lead, manage and inspire distributed teams and create an employee friendly culture characterized by psychological safety.   In our recent article Psychological Safety: Leading remote teams in a distributed world we outlined the history and importance of Psychological Safety as a primary focus for leaders of remote and distributed teams. It highlighted three concepts that […]

Psychological Safety: Leading Remote Teams In A Distributed World

The notion of distributed teams and its related challenges has long been part of the multi-site and multi-national corporate organization. It is however with the world-wide outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, that many traditional hierarchical organizations and other small to medium enterprises have realized the true impact of working in a distributed world – nowadays […]

How Do You Organize Your Organization?​

Irrespective of the long-term vision organizations have on working from home, we all have to face challenges, in the short-term, working as well as possible without physical contact. One thing, however, is for sure: Management now requires trust more than ever before. As a manager, you don’t know what time your employees begin working; how […]